Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ekkehard Altenburger and Thor Lundh
The other day, we had a visit of the quarry owner Thor Lundh, of Lundhs AS.
He is the founder of Ludhs AS and has grown the business into a large mining operation with many quarries throughout Scandinavia.

Thor Lundh is very supportive of the arts. Although  still active in his business on a daily basis, he personally supervised the quarrying of my block to make sure we have an outstanding material for our sculpture. Making sculpture is not dissimilar to quarrying large blocks of granite. One is highly dependent on teamwork as well as the  experience and expertise of others. Granit is a very demanding material to make sculpture from; here I find myself surrounded with people very much on top of their game.

Tuesday, May 6th, and the weather has turned to the worst.
Still , we battled on in the driving  rain.

Here, Raphael Beil shaping the outer flows, which do come along nicely...