Friday, June 19, 2015

Stig Johansson's poem ( in Larvik)  sounds translated like this: 
all these days came and went , I did not know that they were life
Another week, and it feels we have been living in the quarry forever. We have been working relentlessly , and now head for a short break to recover, rest and catch up with business in London and Berlin respectively.

The sea near Stavern

 This is how the work has progressed in recent weeks, and we passed an important milestone, as the last part of bulk material was removed on this side.
A regular visitor to our little huts is our "diamond dealer" Sjur, of Diamond Board. We use large quantities  of granite diamond blades and drills, and he not only supplies us with he equipment, but also gives us tips and tricks, and is generally a good egg to "chew the fat with..."
This week, I also inserted the stainless steel sockets into the base ( here drilling the hole with a diamond core drill)
Raphael worked "the channel" , another one of those hard as nail jobs, and sometimes, one has to be inventive to reach the far corners of this sculpture, and it worked a treat..

To get a sense of scale of the work, notice the Toyota Landcruiser next to it...