Sunday, July 12, 2015

Today is a sad day, as it marks the end of Raphael Beils' involvement in the making of "thoughts in a bent curve".
Raphael has been truly great, unstoppable in his pursuit to perfection, hard working and simply a great buddy to spend 3 month in a quarry with. His knowledge of the material, relentless work ethic and attention to detail has been instrumental in the success of producing this piece and I will be ever grateful for that, and certainly hope, that it will not be the last time we will work together in this most beautiful stretch of the world.

This was the preparation to the final , very difficult lift, where we placed the sculpture on the transport frame.
Here, Raphael and our great driver Tony discuss on the 1:5 model, how to perform the lift and subsequent placing of the work. These were nervous moments, but it all went very well, and it was the first time, I saw my sculpture in its' final position!

This is a time laps of putting the sculpture into an up right position and placing it onto the transport frame. The whole procedure took about an hour.

Most of the week we then spent working the last deep channel and honing the top, as ever, under an endless Norwegian sky...